OK, No technical blogpost this time, its all about (Nigerian) fraudulent buyers active on 2nd hand websites like marktplaats.nl. This story starts when I decided to create an ad on the dutch 2nd hand website marktplaats.nl when I wanted to sell my DSLR camera. Only few hours after placing the ad I got an reaction (in poor  dutch) by mail from Janine (janinejinwood@hotmail.com) :

“Hallo, Mag ik weten waarom je verkoopt dit item? Zoals ik interested.Kindly ik weer terug naar Mij. “

Initially I remarked the poor dutch language but I replied (in dutch):

“Beste Janine, De reden dat ik hem wil verkopen is omdat ik zelf een andere wil gaan halen.”

Within a few minutes a received this reply:

Hello There Leon,
Thanks for the reply.Having gone through the item,I want you to know that,I am satisfy with condition and the price of the item.I live in Groningen, but I wouldnt be able to meet you for collection due to the nature of My Job and moreover I am buying this item for My god-son who just graduated abroad as a gift .Due to this,I have made inquiry from Postnl  the postage cost of the item abroad and I was told €45.I will appreciate if you can help Me send the item directly to him.I have set up a PayPal account so I can pay you with.Kindly Request the payment to:janinejinwood@hotmail.com

As soon as I receive the request I will get payment done.

From this moment I thought there was something wrong because:

1. I put the camera on marktplaats.nl as an bid item so there was no selling condition
2. She asked me to send the camera directly abroad. (without inspecting a 300+ euro item)

So I replied to “her” on purpose in dutch:

“Bedankt voor je interesse in de camera, maar zoals je gezien hebt heb ik de advertentie als “veiling” op Marktplaats gezet. Ik wil je daarom uitnodigen een bod te plaatsen, Wanneer er een bod is geplaatst waartegen ik het item wil verkopen dan zal ik contact opnemen met degene die dat bod heeft geplaatst. De camera staat nog geen 24 uur op Marktplaats en wil daarom afwachten hoeveel biedingen het op gaat leveren. Als je soortgelijke advertenties bekijkt op marktplaats dan zit de verkoop prijs van die advertenties rond de 400 – 500 euro. Nogmaals nodig ik je uit een bod te plaatsen.”

Almost instantly I got this reply:

“I dont have the time to place bid,I want to pay you €455”

This offer was exactly what I was looking for but I already became hesitant so I replied:

“I agree on the price of 455 euro’s, but I will have to send it to Groningen. (because of legal issues) “

Again Instantly I got a reply:

“I want it sent abroad as I have no time to send it Myself.What legal issue?”

Still hesitating I replied, I wanted some warranty about the transaction:

“I’m not sure if I receive confirmation the item has been received, if it’s send abroad?  Where should it be sent to?”

Also this time I almost instantly got this reply:

“Sure it will definitely get to its destination as this not the first time sending things to the place.

Festus Adams
3,Anuoluwapo Street,Off Market

I await your request.”

At this time all alarm bells where ringing big time because I was reading about this fraud not so long ago.  so I sent this mail to bail out of the deal.
“Due to recent (Nigerian)scam pratices I will not send you the payment request and neither the camera.
After sending this mail I reported this activity to the support team of marktplaats.nl, After only few hours they responded it was indeed an fraudulent buyer and the banned the e-mail address from the website.