In my test environment I have installed all Citrix components (required) to access applications from remote locations.


  • Citrix Access Gateway (VPX) Express
  • Self-Signed certificate. (Generated by CAG)
  • Citrix Webinterface (configured Services Site)
  • XenApp 6

This setup works for the following device OS’es:

  • Windows 7
  • IOS 5
  • Android 2.2
Only when trying to connect an OS X machine to the published application (via Citrix Receiver 11.4.3 It did not work.

After importing the self-signed certificate (crt/cer) to the keystore (login or system) I try to setup up a connection to the published application.  After some time the connection failed with I receive the following error:

Citrix ICA SSL Error 61: You have not chosen to trust FQDN, the issuer of the server’s security certificate.
Error number183

After trying some stuff, like importing it in different formats I eventually found the solution while doing the following steps:
  1. Export your self-signed certificate to a convenient location.
  2. Open Terminal and enter :
  3. Enter:
    Sudo su
  4. Enter your admin user password
  5. Enter:
    mkdir /var/CTXScert
  6. And:
    mkdir /var/CTXScert/cacerts
  7. Now copy your certificate to the just created folder, cp <your location> /var/CTXScert/cacerts/
  8. quit Terminal.
Instantly after connecting again I was presented the Published application, the error had disappeared.