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SCRIPT: Check ICA Listener response


Last week I was troubleshooting at a customer which was experiencing some “random” periods in which end users could not login at all. When looking at the Load Evaluator I noticed the least loaded server in those periods were the same. When trying to logon to the server through ICA, the server sits forever at […]

Send Message to User Limitations


Today I received a question from a customer who wanted to send “Large” message to all XenApp users in the farm. They asked me what the maximum number of characters was that you can send to a user. I honestly did not have a clue and answered to the client that I was not aware […]

SCRIPT: Automatically Change Proxy Settings


When you’re in the consulting business, you travel a lot between companies. That what I consider the beautiful part of the job. Downside is that every company has it’s own policy for Internet usage. A lot of companies regulate their internet access through so called proxy servers. When you visit a lot of companies you […]

XenServer cmdlet’s not available on Windows 2008 R2


After installing the XenServer powershell cmdlet’s, the cmdlet’s are by default only available in the 32-bit environment of powershell. When you want to use these cmdlet’s within the native 64-bit environment you have to launch a command after the installation of the XenServer Powershell SDK.   C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\InstallUtil.exe "c:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\XenServerPSSnapIn\XenServerPSSnapIn.dll" After the DLL is loaded […]

SCRIPT: Check your WAN IP and get Notified on change


One of the first powershell scripts I wanted to share is a script that checks your WAN ip and notifies you by e-mail when it changes. Background: I’ve used to sign up with a dynamic DNS provider but my router stopped updating my ip address to that DynDNS provider. After a while I received an […]