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HOW TO: Netscaler 10.5 – Change Password / Secure LDAP configuration


During my current project I had to build a Netscaler cluster for Access Gateway functionality. After initially configuring the Access Gateway vServer I noticed that user account that are marked for “Change Password on next Logon” could not authenticate not via Access Gateway Logon Page nor Via Dell Wyse ThinClient that are configured for StoreFront […]

Netscaler Patching and Heartbleed Information

After the publicity of the latest OpenSSL vulnerability¬†CVE-2014-0160 (aka Heartbleed). I’ve investigated if Netscaler’s firmware was vulnerable to this¬†vulnerability. Soon I found out that Netscaler’s software is NOT vulnerable. But during my investigation I noticed that the OpenSSL implementation is very old (2004). This raised some questions like: Why this old version is still actively […]

Shame on Me!

Shame on me, it has been more than a year between blogposts. It has been a busy year so that’s good. Hopefully I will find some time next weeks to start writing again.