SOLVED: Adobe Reader X hangs after opening a PDF file


Some time ago i noticed that when I opened a PDF file, Adobe Reader X stopped responding for sometime. I noticed it happens on Windows 2003, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. after some investigation I found a solution in disabling Adobe’s “new” Protected Mode feature. Open Adobe Reader X navigate to Edit->Preferences->General clear the check-mark at “Enable […]

SCRIPT: Automatically Change Proxy Settings


When you’re in the consulting business, you travel a lot between companies. That what I consider the beautiful part of the job. Downside is that every company has it’s own policy for Internet usage. A lot of companies regulate their internet access through so called proxy servers. When you visit a lot of companies you […]

Solved: XenApp 5 HRP 7 results in 0x000000CF BSOD


While installing a new Citrix XenApp  farm for a customer I upgraded the servers to Hotfix Rollup Pack 7 (HRP7, PSE450W2K3R07). The XenApp 5 farm is build as virtual servers on a  VMWare vSphere 4.1 cluster. Installing Hotfix Rollup Pack 7 via RDP console session (mstsc /console) succeeded  with no error and the farm booted nicely after […]

Solved: 0x0000007B BSOD after unattended install of PVS Target Device


While building a deployment sequence for a XenApp 6 farm using SCCM, I ran into the problem that the unattended install of the PVS Target Device (5.6 SP1)  succeeds but after after creating a VHD file using “XenConvert P2VHD” and booting the newly created vDisk the Provisioned Server crashes with a BSOD 0x0000007b (inaccessible boot device). […]

Error 1046: This Version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption

When starting a ICA session with RES VDX enabled you may receive the error message: Error: This Version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption, when starting RES VDX session After some searching I ended up at the RES support site which tells you: Q203290 Error: This Version of Citrix Receiver does not […]

SOLVED: Citrix Receiver Error 61 on OS X


In my test environment I have installed all Citrix components (required) to access applications from remote locations. Setup: Citrix Access Gateway (VPX) Express Self-Signed certificate. (Generated by CAG) Citrix Webinterface (configured Services Site) XenApp 6 This setup works for the following device OS’es: Windows 7 IOS 5 Android 2.2 Only when trying to connect an […]

XenServer cmdlet’s not available on Windows 2008 R2


After installing the XenServer powershell cmdlet’s, the cmdlet’s are by default only available in the 32-bit environment of powershell. When you want to use these cmdlet’s within the native 64-bit environment you have to launch a command after the installation of the XenServer Powershell SDK.   C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\InstallUtil.exe "c:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\XenServerPSSnapIn\XenServerPSSnapIn.dll" After the DLL is loaded […]

SCRIPT: Check your WAN IP and get Notified on change


One of the first powershell scripts I wanted to share is a script that checks your WAN ip and notifies you by e-mail when it changes. Background: I’ve used to sign up with a dynamic DNS provider but my router stopped updating my ip address to that DynDNS provider. After a while I received an […]

2012 A New Year – Many Good Intentions

2012 has already started for some days now, So let me summarize 2011 and give you all a glimpse into 2012, without being dramatic about it 2011 was certainly a memorable year. Busy with the preparation for the start up of my Company. Our beautiful daugther was born [March] I totally ruptured my Achilles tendon [April] I quit my Job [April] I […]

Desktop starts instead of a Published Application

Within my current project we ran in to a situation, where we build a Xenapp 6 farm. When we started an published desktop everything was fine. But after publishing an application and starting it did not start the published application, but the whole desktop was presented. After some troubleshooting we discovered that newly created users were not […]