Solved: VDA client unattended install failure.

When you’re solving the same problem after a couple of months it’s probably a good idea to write a post about it so the solution is close at hand. When you perform an unattended install of VDA client from the 7.x XenApp/XenDesktop media the installation may fail, after this first failure all other attempts will fail instantly.

Like every other self respecting IT engineer I always deploy my servers unattended, for this I like to use a product like RES One Automation 2015. When installing the VDA Client for the first time the installation failed, when examining the log file I noticed following lines:

  • XenDesktopSetup:Starting synchronous process ‘C:\Windows\TEMP\wisE4BD.tmp\Support\DotNet451\NDP451-KB2858728-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe’ with args ‘ /norestart /quiet /q:a’

  • XenDesktopSetup:Process completed with error code 3010

  • XenDesktopSetup:Reboot level increased on behalf of ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1’ from NoReboot to ImmediateReboot

  • XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Exit (return False)

  • XenDesktopSetup:Install tasks for this session have finished.

  • XenDesktopSetup:Installation partially complete, reboot is required

  • XenDesktopSetup:Installation Manager returned PartialSuccessAndRebootNeeded

So the installation failed because it installed some dependencies from the support folder, and needed a reboot.

After rebooting the machine, I launched the installation again. Surprisingly it fail instantly and each and other try I did the result was the same. when examining the log file again I noticed the following error.

  • XenDesktopSetup:VerifyCDRoot: Failed to find the MediaID file at ‘C:\Windows\TEMP\wisE4BD.tmp\MediaId_F8D0A1D9-128F-4a86-842D-C61294BA0A02_x64’

  • XenDesktopSetup:VerifyCDRoot: Failed to find the MediaID file at ‘C:\Windows\TEMP\wisE4BD.tmp\x64\x64\MediaId_F8D0A1D9-128F-4a86-842D-C61294BA0A02_x64’

  • XenDesktopSetup:OleSafeThread: Install media not found at ‘C:\Windows\TEMP\wisE4BD.tmp\x64’. Exiting.

  • XenDesktopSetup:Installation media cannot be found

I know the wisxxxx.tmp folder is being automatically generated by RES One Automation, and changes each time. So I copied the source files to a fixed location and launched the installation again but still the log file states the same error message, when look up in the logfile I noticed the line

  • CDRoot = C:\Windows\TEMP\wisE4BD.tmp\x64

So the old CDRoot information is saved somewhere and causes the problem, after some search I found out the after the first installation a Citrix folder was created in the %programdata% location. In this location are some files I did not need. So I deleted this folder and tried again. Now the installation succeeded.





Error 1046: This Version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption

When starting a ICA session with RES VDX enabled you may receive the error message:

Error: This Version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption, when starting RES VDX session

After some searching I ended up at the RES support site which tells you:

Q203290 Error: This Version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption, when starting RES VDX session

When starting a Citrix XenApp session with RES VDX enabled the following error might occur:
“This Version of Citrix Receiver does not support the selected encryption. [Error 1046] The Virtual Driver is not loaded”.
The second logon attempt runs without any problems. This issue only occurs when using the Citrix Receiver. When using earlier ICA client versions , this error will not occur.

Cause 1 – RES VDX tries to initialize the ICA virtual channel when the Citrix Receiver is not ready yet. 95% probability.
In Citrix Receiver 3.0 and higher, Citrix implemented a timeout in their software. Due to this timeout an error is generated by the Citrix Receiver when RES VDX tries to open the ICA virtual channel. At the seccond logon attempt the timeout is expired and the logon process continues without any problems.
Solution 1.1 – Solved in a FixPack based on RES VDX SR2

To request the fixpack please consult RES Support

RES Launches VDX

Today RES Software launched their RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX). The patented product offers companies the unique  oppertunity to seamlessly extend the virtual desktop with resources that are available locally (DVD Burner, resource intensive applications) With VDX local and virtual resources are available to the user without having to switch (desktop) session.
Visit their website for more information or download the [download id=”5″].