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Solved: Netscaler VPX (on VMWare) Problem.


During my latest project I ran into a problem where Netscaler VPX stops responding to any sort of request. Logon to Netscalers management interface: Netscaler immediately stops responding. Connect to Netscalers Access Gateway VPN server: Netscaler immediately stops responding. Connect to Netscalers Access Gateway Logon Interface: Netscaler immediately stops responding. The state of the netscaler is as follows: Netscaler is no longer reachable via […]

Solved: XenApp 5 HRP 7 results in 0x000000CF BSOD


While installing a new Citrix XenApp  farm for a customer I upgraded the servers to Hotfix Rollup Pack 7 (HRP7, PSE450W2K3R07). The XenApp 5 farm is build as virtual servers on a  VMWare vSphere 4.1 cluster. Installing Hotfix Rollup Pack 7 via RDP console session (mstsc /console) succeeded  with no error and the farm booted nicely after […]

Citrix accuses VMWare of lying. (updated)

What an interesting start of the week, today Citrix’s desktop CTO Harry Labana wrote a blog post accusing VMware of lying while refering to a Gartner Report about the TCO of SBC comparing to (un)managed desktops. In this article about VMware’s View, the company refers tho the report and insinuates that VMWare View incorporates SBC technology (which it […]